Dominic is a true artist in his craft. I'm truly happy in my decision to get Smp, even more in finding him to do it for me . I would always wear hats can't remember the last time I used one . Can't thank this man enough especially since I feel like youth was given back to me ,Thanks Dominic for your great work on my Smp .

Walter V.


I cannot recommend Dominic & Pierrce SMP enough! Dominic is truly an expert in his field. I appreciated his honesty and the realistic expectations he set for me. He is very thorough and will not end your appointment until he's given you his best. I am so impressed by his work on me. He extremely kind and made me feel so comfortable throughout our three sessions. As a young female who has experienced hair loss, I could not be more grateful to have found Dominc. He has given me my confidence back! If you're looking for a sign to get SMP, this is it.

Nicole B.

The past couple years have been rough for my hairline, it was starting to recede in the front. I was wearing hats all the time and just stressing about my situation, until I heard about SMP. Dominic is very professional with his work and takes his time to assure that you love the results! He works very efficiently and the whole process was not as painful as I thought it would be. Thanks to Dominic, I now feel so much more confident about my hairline! I was very satisfied with my overall experience and would highly recommend him to anyone! He's amazing!

Fernando E.